Terms and Conditions

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Services I provide
I provide on-demand software development services to clients. That is, I work with clients to make a custom solution for the specific problem they have. I also provide consulting services. This website is used to market my services. Additional terms for on-demand software development are negotiated on per project basis.
Updating these terms
I may update these terms and the Privacy Policy. If relevant changes for you are made, you will be notified that the new terms are in force. You can continue to use the website, only if you agree to the new terms. I may not update the additional terms for on-demand software development without your consent.
Limits on my liability
I are not liable for any damage or loss that may arise from using my software or any downtime unless agreed otherwise.
Intellectual property
I retain rights to content on this website. This does not apply to software developed for you, in which case I transfer the right to you. I may keep the right to showcast the project in my portfolio with your permission.
Permissions you give me
You give me permission to process and store all uploaded content with respect to my privacy policy.
Reverse engineering
Reverse engineering, hacking or changing content of this website without my permission is not allowed.